GOT AU: She was Val of the Freefolk.Her bones have been crafted from unending winter. In her blood, the legacy of the First Men. But even she fought not to tremble in the presence of the Black Wolf and by the gleam in his eyes, it would be said that she had failed.

He should have been killed when he was a child.

Would they have done so if they had known the Beast, empty of soul, that would be unleashed unto the world?

Though Winter is eternal Beyond the Wall, even the Free Folk have been touched by the light of the sun.

He is darkness and winter always. 

He is marked by the Old Gods, the Kneelers whisper in hushed voices.

'They are not wrong',she thinks, knows.

Mayhap it is not that the Old Gods were, are, faceless. Perhaps it is that there are no mortal words to describe their terrifying wonder. That it is better to leave the horrifying beauty of face and essence unwritten.

The Black Wolf is more than marked’, she thinks, ‘he is the Hand of the Old Gods. Within him resided chaos and entropy that no mortal man. alone, was capable of ‘.

The Earth trembled beneath him and so did she.

When he and his Sorcerer brother feast their eyes South of the Wall, Val would have warned the Kneelers. ‘Run’, she would have screamed, ‘run to the edge of your lands and further still’.

She suspects it would still not be far enough to escape him.

The Black Wolf, they had called him.

In the force of his scowl, she forgets the light of the sun.

In the vacuum of his eyes, she forgets the warmth of life.

She forgets to breathe.

Eternal Darkness, she would have called him.

For no light, no soul, no life shall prevail where ever he will roam.

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